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Never Stop Peaking - Motivation for Your Creative Maniac Mind

Jun 18, 2021

Producer and Videographer Dave Lent joins Never Stop Peaking to discuss his new documentary project on the importance of Reparations and equality. We also discuss the power of his documentary The 5 Keys to Mastery, storytelling, virtual reality for creating empathy, and how to remove space between you and your creations.
Dave has over 40 years of film under his belt. The 5 Keys to Mastery explores a set of universal principles applied by some of the most accomplished people in any industry, including interviews with BB King, Carlos Santana, Linus Torvalds, Paul Reed Smith, Stephen Tobolowsky & more.
In Life Without, Dave captures some of the most daring and remarkable film, including an inmate being stabbed right in front of his lens on his journey inside the San Quentin prison.
Dave is also the author of The Laws of Camerawork and Video Rules and inventor the Steadybag, PicupStix, GelFile and LensEnd—production accessories used by video, film and photo professionals worldwide.

Dave's Website: Documentaries and More

Book: From Here to Equality

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