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Never Stop Peaking - Motivation for Your Creative Maniac Mind

Oct 29, 2019

If we are not meant to experience absolute miracles in life, then why does the miracle of life exist?

If dreams are not real, and we are not destined to become one with them, then why are the visions within us?

Why is the source part of us?

What makes dreams any less real than our physical bodies?

What makes dreams any...

Oct 25, 2019

In the opinion of the beautiful brain sheltered within my skull, travel is the most magical and effective form of education. The experience of differing worlds, the virgin interactions with culture, and the pure disconnection from our routine lives are all packed with infinite wisdom, humility, growth and...

Oct 20, 2019

Levi Barker is remarkable Bwiti Iboga provider and facilitator at Iboga Wellness Center in Costa Rica. After being addicted to opiates throughout a large chunk of his twenties and thirties, Levi discovered the life-altering transformational and healing powers of Iboga, a plant medecine native to the Gabon and Cameroon...

Oct 16, 2019

This episode is deeply about the successes and interruptions of my journey- and how I got to the point of considering bankruptcy a few months ago. The resolution is a deeply creative process of moving forward inflow, without trying to figure things out. 

The second half of the episode is about affirming...